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Capitalization & Punctuation A Task Cards with Wall Charts


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Complete sets of task cards review and drill capitalization and punctuation rules. The cards are ideal literacy lab activities to assure that students have mastered these conventions of English usage. They signal to students that these are expected and valued language skills.

There are 18 capitalization cards that cover all the rules. Each starts by summarizing a category of proper nouns that are capitalized. Students must find the words needing capitals in the 10 sentences and write them correctly on a sheet of paper. The final lesson activity is a paragraph to correct. The words needing to be capitalized are either examples of the card topic or the first word in the sentence.

Punctuation cards also begin with a usage summary and examples. The 18 cards cover end-of-sentence punctuation, apostrophes, commas, quotation marks, and colons. All capitalization cards must be completed prior to starting the punctuation cards. There are no capitals on these cards. Students correct the capitalization, as well as adding punctuation related to the card topic. Level A contains 10 sentences.

Task cards in this product are provided in both double-sided and single-sided formats. The contents are identical. The double-sided cards are printed two to a page (each 8.5 x 5.5 inches) and will require 24 sheets of cover stock and lamination for the cards and answer keys. This is the cost-effective option for producing reusable task cards. Single-sided pages require 46 sheets. These can be used as black-line masters for worksheets.

All Reading Manipulatives cards have a unique code that is used for selecting cards and student recordkeeping. Checklists are provided for tracking the materials that have been completed.

A feature of these sets is that the sentences and paragraphs are nonfiction. The facts and trivia make the activity more interesting for the students.

Grade Levels: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Common Core ELA Standards: L.1 – 5.2, L.1 – 5.2a, L.1 – 5.2b, L.1 – 5.2c,
L. 5.2d

PDF Contents: 18 capitalization cards with lesson and exercises; 18 punctuation cards with lessons and exercises; answer keys; student checklists; capitalization wall charts; punctuation wall charts; 10 pages of teacher information


18 capitalization cards
18 punctuation cards
Both SS & DS card formats
Answer keys
Accordian-style wall charts
10 pages of teacher information