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Outlining Manipulatives & Task Cards


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Outlining improves composition of paragraphs, stories, and reports. No skill is a better tool for writers than outlining. Organizing topics, subtopics, and details leads to well-structured, coherent, and complete compositions.

These sets develop outlining skills in 4 stages. In the first level, students read a story and then arrange the manipulative outline. Next, they study the outline after reading the story and write paragraph subtopics. Level 3 requires that they write details for the four paragraph subtopics. Finally, students compose the entire outline.

The fact-filled, non-fiction stories are written to enable students to succeed. The unique design of the materials models outlining throughout. As students work through the 28 sets, they develop this critical skill.

The stories and outlines in this set follow the 4-paragraph essay format. By the end of the series, students should be able to write essays from outlines. This set includes 8 outline essay starters. These help students solidify the transfer of outlining skills to writing skills. Teachers can then give students outlines to guide compositions.

Grade Levels: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Common Core ELA Standards: W.4.1 – 5.1, W.4.1a – 5.1a, W.4.1b – 5.1b, W.4.1d – 5.1d, W.4.2 – 5.2, W.4.2a – 5.2a, W.4.2b – 5.2b, W.4.2e – 5.2e, W.6.1 – 8.1, W.6.1a – 8.1a, W.6.1e – 8.1e, W.6.2 – 8.2, W.6.2a – 8.2a, W.6.2b – 8.2.b, W.6.2f – 8.2f

PDF Contents: 28 sets (4 levels containing 7 stories with outlines); answer keys; 8 essay outlines; student recordkeeping checklists; 7 pages of teacher information


28 total student sets
(4 levels with 7 lessons)
Answer keys
8 essay outlines
7 pages of teacher information