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Transitions & Conjunctions Manipulatives


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Are your students stalled on "and" & "then"? This material cleverly leads them to selection of more appropriate words to join sentences and clauses, thereby improving composition flow.

There are 25 sets of Transitions & Conjunctions manipulatives. Each set contains 5 paragraphs that must be read and arranged sequentially under the title card. Next, there are transitions and conjunctions that accompany each paragraph. Students must select from the matching words (same color and/or code) a word to fill in each blank. Optimally, the PDF pages should be printed on 5 colors so that each paragraph and the words that fill in its blanks are the same color. In addition to the set number, codes ends in a unique graphic character (circle, square, triangle, cross, star). If only one color is used, the final part of the codes for each paragraph and its word options can be used for sorting purposes.

This multifaceted material builds comprehension (sequencing) and writing (improved transition and conjunction choices) skills. Content is carefully structured to utilize a variety of transitions and conjunctions. Nonfiction content teaches students interesting facts.

Grade Levels: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Common Core ELA Standards: W.3.1 – 5.1, W.3.1c – 5.1c, W.3.2 – 5.2, W.3.2c – 5.2c, W.3.3 – 5.3, W.3.3c – 5.3c, W.6.1 – 8.1, W.6.1c – 8.1c, W.6.2 – 8.2, W.6.2c – 8.2c, W.6.3 – 8.3, W.6.3c – 8.3c

PDF Contents: 25 sets containing story title, 5 paragraphs to sequence, 4 transitions or conjunctions to select from for use in each paragraph; answer keys; student recordkeeping checklists; 9 pages of teacher information


25 total student sets
5 paragraphs to sequence
4 transitions/conjunctions per paragraph
Answer keys
9 pages of teacher information