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True/False/Opinion Sort Manipulatives


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Learning to identify types of opinions is a key critical reading strategy. After reading a story of approximately 375 words, the student sorts 10 statements related to the topic as either true, false, or opinion. This sorting activity ingeniously builds both literal and inferential comprehension skills. On the back of each card is a reference to story facts or a reason why the statement expresses opinion. As students read explanations of why statements are opinions, factual, or false, they develop better evaluation strategies.

Becoming familiar with various types of opinion statements helps students to identify them and to be more judicious readers. In True/False/Opinion Sorts, opinions are broken into the following categories: generalization – a statement that is too broad or inclusive; judgement – viewpoints often signaled by adjectives; speculation – conjunctions such as "because" or "if" signal speculative statements; advice – verbs such as "should" or "must" signal advice is about to be given; personal – the pronoun "I" is a signal that the author is expressing a personal opinion.

The 28 sets in this series are high-interest topics about famous people, gross science, mythology, and public policies. Students learn facts while improving reading comprehension skills. Manipulatives build key comprehension skills by providing extensive practice using structured reading selections followed by activities that check comprehension. The manipulatives are ideal for fostering the cooperative learning that is so valuable for advancing viable text comprehension strategies.

PDF pages are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. Cover-weight paper in a variety of colors is available at office supply stores or online. Lamination is recommended if you want your materials to last. True/False/Opinion Sorts must be printed double-sided (each story is continued on the card back and answers for sort cards are on the backs). The 42 pages are printed on 21 sheets. Since alignment is critical, consider having the pages printed on a commercial digital printer.

All Reading Manipulatives pieces have a code that is used for maintaining set integrity and student recordkeeping. Checklists are provided for tracking the materials that have been completed. Put student sets in zipper bags.

Grade Levels: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

Common Core ELA Standards: RL.3.6, RI.3.6, RL.4.6, RI.4.6, RL.5.6, RI.5.6, RL.6.6, RI.6.6

PDF Contents: 28 sets each containing an informational text story of about
375 words; 10 true, false, or opinion statements with answers on the back;
11 pages of teacher information


28 total student sets
Informational story of about 375 words
10 true, false, or opinion statements
Answers on back of statement cards
11 pages of teacher information