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Short & Long Vowel Scrambled Sentences


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Scrambled sentences develop several key reading skills. Students practice decoding words with short and long vowel patterns in the 24 sets of 3 sentences with matching pictures. A few sight words (such as the) are included. They begin to look for the first word (with the capital) and the last word (with the period or question mark). Common suffixes are on some words. Pictures provide clues.

These fun scrambled sentences can be one of the first real "reading" experiences for many students. Coupling decodable words and predictability ensures success. Working through 24 unique sets affords sufficient practice for skill mastery.

If you print sentences on 3 colors of cardstock (1 – 3, 4 – 6, 7 – 9), each scrambled sentence in a set will be a different color. If only one color is used, the final part of the codes under the sentence words ends in a circle, square, or triangle that will be used for sorting the pieces.

Grade Levels: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Common Core ELA Standards: RF.1.2a, RF.1.2b, RF.1.2c, RF.1.3a, RF.1.3b, RF.1.3c, RF.1.3d, RF.2.3a, RF.2.3b, RF.2.3c, RF.2.3d, RF.3.3

PDF Contents: 24 sets containing 3 scrambled sentences; coordinating pictures to match to the completed sentences; student recordkeeping checklists; 8 pages of teacher information


24 total student sets
3 scrambled sentences per set
3 pictures to match sentences
8 pages of teacher information
Student checklists