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Dolch Sight Words Flash Cards by Decoding Categories


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Have you analyzed the characteristics of the 220 Dolch sight words? Amazingly, exactly half (110) are one-syllable words that follow short/long vowel spelling patterns. Thirty words have common variant vowels and 30 have multiple syllables. That leaves only 48 phonetic rule breakers that must be memorized.

The Dolch flash cards in this product are divided into these 4 decoding categories. Color-coded groupings enable students to use decoding skills to help them master these high-frequency words. Student spelling dictionaries and lessons provide additional support for students. Memorization of these words builds fluency and improves overall reading proficiency.

PDF pages are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. Flash cards are printed double-sided. One side of the card has the word with vowel sounds and syllables noted. The reverse side has only the word. Use a different color for each of the 4 phonetic groupings. Lamination of flash cards is recommended if you want them to last.

Black-line masters for personal sets of student flash cards are included. These are optional and do not need to be color-coded by category. You may want students to take them home so they can practice.

Spelling dictionaries are a powerful reading and writing tool for young students. Pages are a compilation of the Dolch 220 list (in bold) and other high-frequency reading and writing lists. As children write sentences and stories, they use their dictionaries to find words they need to spell. Many students do not have instant recognition of all words, so they are developing decoding and encoding skills. Other needed words can be written on the lines.

An effective spelling program contains structure, repetition, and an abundance of transfer activities. Otherwise, the poorer spellers, who tend to have weak visual skills, may memorize words for the test yet not retain them. The following elements are incorporated into the 25 spelling lists in this product. The lessons group the sight words by phonetic characteristics. Word families are used to shrink or expand the list.

Grade Levels: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Common Core ELA Standards: RF.1 to 5.4, RF.1 to 5.4a, RF.1 to 5.4b,
RF.1 to 5.4c

PDF Contents: Flash Cards (28 double-sided sheets, 220 2.125 in x 5.5 in cards); masters for individualized student sets; 2 sheets of Dolch compound words manipulatives match; spelling dictionaries (7 double-sided sheets); 25 spelling lessons for an integrated reading/writing/spelling program; 16 pages of teacher information


220 color-coded, 2-sided flash cards
25 integrated spelling lessons
Masters for student flash cards
Masters for spelling dictionaries
Masters for 24 Dolch compound words
16 pages of teacher information