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Contractions & Possessives Flip Strips


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Apostrophes are used in used in English in possessive nouns and contracted verbs. The large flip strips (1.5" x 8") in this product teach students how apostrophes are used in contractions and possessives. There are flip strips for all 42 verb contractions. On the 35 flip strips for possessives nouns, the singular possessive is changed to a plural possessive when folded. The strips for possessives include both regular and irregular spellings. Both spelling and usage rules apply to possessives, making them more challenging to learn than contracted verbs.

The PDF pages are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of cover-weight paper. The flip strips are printed double-sided. Backs contains the letters that are flipped over, and they must be close to the paper edge for the flip strips to work. For this reason, the pages need to be printed on commercial digital printers rather than desktop models.

Lamination is recommended if you want your materials to last. Cut the flip strips along the horizontal lines with a trimmer. After all sheets have been cut apart, fold over the right edges. The fold lines vary in this product. To make the folds, simply line up the text on the back next to where the contraction starts then crease. On flip strips for possessives, fold to the correct spelling for the plural possessive.

Grade Levels: 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Common Core ELA Standards: L.2.2, L.2.2c, L.3.2, L.3.2d

PDF Contents: 22 pages to be printed double-sided on to 11 sheets (42 contractions and 35 possessives flip strips); 6 pages of teacher information


42 contraction flip strips
35 singular/plural possessives flip strips
6 pages of teacher information