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Suffix Spelling Changes – Rule Charts & Task Cards


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The English language rules with highest validity and utility are those relating to suffix spelling changes. Students at all grade levels can be taught the rules, drilled in their application, and expected to apply them.

These rules should be taught one at a time in the order listed. Rule charts are provided. Post them as the rules are introduced. Then provide students with ample drill applying the concepts. Drill cards or assignments may be tedious, but they are effective. Like multiplication tables, these rules must be memorized, and it is application practice that leads to mastery.

Irregular past-tense verbs are included. These make it necessary for students to think about what they are writing, as well as reviewing exceptions to standard past-tense formations. Students should write the irregular verb form whenever -ed cannot be added (says said saying, cuts cut cutting).

By teaching these rules to your students, you set expectations for spelling accuracy. Since young students are tuned in to phonetic elements of words, these rules can be taught as early as second grade. With older students, some phonics review may be needed. One of the best ways to ensure that students remember and apply the rules is to add suffixes to spelling words. Do this on practice exercises and on spelling tests.

Grade Levels: 2nd through 8th

Common Core ELA Standards: RF.2.3, RF.2.3d, RF.3, RF.3.3a, RF.3.3b

PDF Contents: 4 charts with the rules for suffix spelling changes, 30 student cards (6 for rule 1, 12 for rule 2, 12 for rules 3/4) with answer keys


4 rule charts
30 task cards
Answer keys
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