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Latin Roots Match Manipulatives & Task Cards


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This intuitive study of word components expands vocabulary. The 14 Latin root sets have 5 roots for each of 3 Latin words. First students arrange the 15 roots (3 groups of 5) in a vertical column. Then they read the cloze sentences, attempt to predict the words, and add affixes to the roots to form words. Students learn to use the Latin root and prefix meaning (noted underneath prefixes and roots), along with suffix part of speech, to analyze words and build vocabulary.

Frequently occurring Latin roots and their variant forms are potent vocabulary builders. Just learning the top 25 would offer insight into innumerable English words. Some that are straightforward, such as port or scribe, may be figured out with little instruction. However, the structured lessons provided by this product will unlock many others.

The CCSS for ELA emphasize vocabulary development throughout the school day and in all subjects. Despite the fact that most vocabulary is acquired indirectly, research suggests that vocabulary can be improved with explicit instruction. Reading Manipulatives vocabulary products build word knowledge with intuitive, holistic manipulatives that include cloze sentences to assure that students use words properly in context. For teachers who do not wish to prepare manipulatives or consider manipulatives unworkable in their classroom structure, PDFs are included that convert the content of the manipulatives to worksheets.

Grade Levels: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

Common Core ELA Standards: L.4.4a, L.4.4b, L.5.4a, L.5.4b, L.6.4a, L.6.4b, L.7.4a, L.7.4b, L.8.4a, L.8.4b

PDF Contents: 14 sets of 15 annotated root words (5 sets of 3 Latin roots), prefixes, suffixes, cloze sentences; 14 task cards/worksheets as an alternative format; answer keys


14 student sets of manipulatives
15 Latin root words, prefixes, suffixes
15 cloze sentences for comprension
14 task cards as alternative format
Answer keys
11 pages of teacher information