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Compound Words Centered B Manipulatives


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Students learn new vocabulary and concepts with compound words match manipulatives. The 16 sets in level A contain 224 compounds. Level B covers 336 compounds.

English words, especially nouns, are often joined to express a single item or idea. Each student set contains 28 words that are matched to form 14 compounds. The 16 sets in level A are commonly used compound words. The 24 sets in level B have more difficult words and concepts. Since every card must be used, students may need to rearrange some matches in order to use all cards. This develops thinking and organizational skills. The sets do not take long to complete so they are ideal for filling small blocks of time. Students enjoy this puzzle-like activity.

Centering the words makes this a far more challenging task. Instead of knowing the 14 beginnings and only having to match the endings, now students must deal with 28 words that can go in either position. This leads to more possible combinations, making the puzzle harder to solve. This product is the right and left justified version of common compound words. If your students could use a more challenging activity, centered versions are available.

The CCSS for ELA emphasize vocabulary development throughout the school day and in all subjects. Despite the fact that most vocabulary is acquired indirectly, research suggests that vocabulary can be improved with explicit instruction. This Reading Manipulatives vocabulary product builds word knowledge with intuitive, holistic manipulatives.

Grade Levels: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Common Core ELA Standards: L.2.4d

PDF Contents: 24 sets of manipulatives, each forming 14 compound words (first part right aligned, second part left aligned); answer keys; student recordkeeping checklists; 7 pages of teacher information; 800-word compound word resource list with vocabulary difficulty noted


24 student sets
14 compound words per set
Answer keys
5-page compound words resource list
7 pages of teacher information