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Features & benefits of Reading Manipulatives materials

Individualized — 1000+ unique sets
All sets in each product are different. Once students are introduced to the skills and shown how to do the manipulatives or skills cards, they are able to work independently through the entire series. By the time they complete all the sets, students demonstrate skill proficiency. These structured, repetitive materials lead to student independence and allow teachers to manage individualized reading programs.

Suitable for all age & ability levels
For gifted or reluctant readers, from readiness through adult, these amazing materials work! Comprehensive Reading Manipulatives products assure that the full range of skills is covered. Students work at appropriate levels in materials they are interested in. As a result, skills and test scores improve.

Foster student accountability
A lab-like setting where students have choices is remarkably effective. Active involvement builds accountability. Teachers familiarize students with the skills and materials format. Then, in most sets, students can select, complete, correct, and record their activities. They are motivated to work through the sets and achieve superior results.

Natural, intuitive approaches
Manipulatives utilize natural approaches to develop key reading and writing abilities. Sequencing and blending are a few examples of many skills that can be taught more intuitively with manipulatives. When cumbersome directions and steps are eliminated, students are more apt to grasp concepts and improve skills.

Challenging multilevels
The ability ranges and diversity in classrooms continue to widen. Many Reading Manipulatives products are multilevel. Students are placed in appropriate instructional levels. The abundant practice each level affords prepares them to move to higher levels. All levels have a similar appearance, taking away stigma that is often attached to materials used with special-needs students.

Many products contain fascinating facts
The comprehension, syntax, and usage materials use trivia and intriguing factual stories to engage students. As students improve reading and language arts skills, they learn about the world and its inhabitants.

Cost-effective & reusable
Even though it will be a big job to prepare an array of manipulatives and task cards for literacy skill instruction in your classroom, the sets replace expendable materials. In the long run, time and resources are saved. The laminated materials should last for years. Students tend to take care of them because they prefer these activities and are actively involved.

All sets & pieces coded
All of the 1000 plus sets and pieces within them have unique codes. These are used for tracking completed sets and selecting activities that have not yet been done. Codes maintain integrity of the manipulatives by assuring that pieces are in the correct sets.

Cutting & packaging
Products must be cut and packaged prior to use. Sheets are designed to facilitate cutting. It is easiest to align the hatch marks on a rotary trimmer. Once strips are cut, sharp scissors can be used to cut pieces apart. Be organized and sort manipulative pieces into sets as you cut. Have zipper bags available for set storage. They are the best option because contents can be seen through the plastic.

Checking & recording activities
After students are introduced to a new series, they are able to select sets, work independently, correct their work, and record it on their checklists. Each guide contains a master for student recordkeeping checklists. Answer keys are provided whenever possible since students benefit from checking their own work.